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Phone: 208-525-9300


We open at 5:00 pm for dinner service. We will gladly book group luncheons as well. Just give us a call!

  • Monday – Thursday: Open at 5:00 PM with last dinner seating at 8:30 PM
  • Friday & Saturday: Open at 5:00 PM with last dinner seating at 9:30 PM
  • Happy Hour – Monday-Friday 5:00-6:30 PM



                             Employment OpportunitiesThe Cellar fine wine restaurant Idaho Falls, ID

We are always looking for that dedicated team player to join our family. To apply for a position at The Cellar, please prepare and send your resume to Bryan or Kaylene. You may also deliver your resume or application in person after 3:00 pm, Monday through Thursday.





1844Musicians seeking to perform at The Cellar – contact Kaylene via phone at 208-525-9300 or email Kaylene.The most important thing to know about playing at The Cellar is that you will be balancing between being entertainment and providing background music during an upscale dinner service in a relatively small venue (45 seats). Volume control is extremely important so that our guests will be able to enjoy you as well as hold a conversation without having to yell above your volume.  Also, note that we mostly contract with small groups and individuals who can set up in a rather small footprint and who tend toward jazz and light rock or light country acoustic music. Lastly, our normal compensation is $75 (regardless of group size) plus 10% of revenues taken in from the patio and bar above $1,000 (which is the average amount we can bring in without music, so it is in your best interest to market the best you can, and don’t be afraid to talk about and ask for tips – we have a tip jar).


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