“Vive Bene. Spesso L’Amore. Di Risata Molto.”

Summer at The Cellar

Live well. Love much. Laugh often.

This Italian mantra holds the key to a joyful and successful life.  We try every day to live by these words, and to create an atmosphere where our guests can do the same. From our selection of wines and delicious entrees, to our superb desserts, our ambition is to foster joy – the joy of dining with friends and family, telling good stories and celebrating each other’s lives.


The Cellar had its beginnings 27 years ago when the original owner, a young Scott Hinschberger, graduated from college and his parents took him out to a fine French restaurant in Fullerton, CaliforniaThe Cellar 033 which was named The Cellar. The name stuck, along with the dream Scott’s father had, but never realized: to build an exceptional restaurant and offer exceptional food and service to exceptional people. Scott never really thought he would be able to act on his dad’s dream until his own son, Bryan Hinschberger, discovered his passion for cooking and started creating the menu and recipes for a fine dining establishment.

When Scott and his partners bought the Eagle’s Landing Ranch and turned it into Eagle Pines Plaza, he was given the opportunity to turn the house
into The Cellar restaurant. After hundreds of hours building a business plan and securing the financing, the The Cellar bar restaurant wine Idaho Fallsproject began. Rich Stamper of Stamper Builders; CalPly Building Supplies; Arco Electric; Weimer Heating and Air Conditioning; HK Contractors; and a plethora of other contractors and individuals helped transform the old ranch house into an elegant dining establishment with a full bar and wonderful exterior deck in the ancient pine tree grove. Today, The Cellar seats over 100 people, and can provide banquet and catering services for weddings, receptions, parties, and nearly any celebration of life, either at The Cellar or at nearly any other location within 200 miles!

The Cellar fine dining bar restaurant Idaho Falls, IdahoOn January 7, 2015, Scott sold the restaurant to a wonderful new owner; Chef Bryan Hewett. He has continued the fine dining tradition that The Cellar is known for and added some new touches as well. Thus, the history of The Cellar continues as we celebrate life through the enjoyment of fine food, fine wine and fine spirits within an elegant and delightful atmosphere. Come join us in our celebration, and help write the next chapter in our history.

Slow Food

The Cellar is proud to be part of the International Slow Food movement. The Slow Food movement stands for everything that Fast Food does not. Slow Food is real, natural, sustainable, fresh and whole food produced as locally as possible, and prepared and served fresh to order. It also follows Fair Trade Practices (fair to the farmer/rancher, the supplier, the restaurant, the customer, and the Earth). Slow Food includes the idea of taking time to really enjoy the food, the drink, the setting, and the people that we dine with. We believe this philosophy is the most effective and perhaps only way to regain and sustain health in ourselves, our families, our cultural, and our agricultural environments.

The Cellar Idaho Falls fine dining restaurant

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to consider The Cellar. We realize there are many dining choices out there. We appreciate you making The Cellar your dining choice!

-Chef Bryan Hewett, Owner
and the entire Cellar staff